Interview with Founder Emma Holland Denvir

Can you tell us where you're from and why you started Denvir Enterprises?

I am based in Los Angeles. I have spent almost a decade in the industry in various capacities — as a woodworker, furniture designer and maker, interior designer, and in sales. I’ve always been surprised about how outdated the industry is as a whole, particularly the relationship between vendors and designers. Ultimately, I wanted to provide representation for brands that are not settling for the status quo and want to approach sales in a more fun and contemporary way.  


What inspires you? 

My clients! Both the brands we represent and the designers we work with. Even though I am not designing as much, I am constantly exposed to new products and projects, which helps keep my creative wheels turning.  


What trends are you seeing in the industry?  How do you think COVID has shaped that?  

Designers and end-clients are assessing spaces in a new way. This has definitely been a trend in workspace for some time but COVID has pushed this to an extreme. People can no longer be sardined in offices, desk to desk. We are now seeing this trend in hospitality — how to encourage gathering in public spaces safely. 


Where do you hope to see the future of ethical manufacturing and sustainability evolving?

More transparency and less pay to play. We are working on an in-house sustainability certification that relies on our vendors being completely transparent with where and how they are sourcing materials and manufacturing. There are a ton of certifications out there that “guarantee” a certain degree of sustainability for a company or a product. These are costly and difficult for smaller brands to afford, which, in the end, excludes them from certain projects. We are pushing for a more transparent future in design, and a more level playing field. 



What is your spirit animal? 

This year I’ve become really aware of what I say and why I say it. Because this terminology refers to something venerated by North American Indigenous cultures, I’m going to pass on answering this question.

I can tell you what my absolute favorite podcast is, and that’s ‘How I Built This’ with Guy Raz. I’m a die-hard fan and look forward to being interviewed by Guy on the HIBT podcast someday. ;) 


What is your favorite piece in your home? 

Since starting denvir Enterprises, I am lucky to have a lot of samples from our brands in the house. Right now my favorite item is the Fyrn Mariposa Chair. Other than that, I love the bed frame and matching side tables that I made a few years ago! 


If you could have a meal with anyone, who would it be with and why? 

Adam Grant! He hosts my other favorite podcast, WorkLife. I am very interested in psychology, particularly in organizational psychology. I love learning why we do things and how we can do things better. Listening to Adam Grant’s podcast has really helped inform who I am professionally, and how to run a successful business in sales while remaining authentic.