Our mission is to power the next generation of trusted brands with transparent supply chains

Our Story

At Nomadory, we’ve been buyers, suppliers and have spent years building our own brands. At every step of the way, the process was complicated, and challenging but most of all it was opaque and outdated. At Nomadory, we aim to change that. Through our decades of experience - we aim to make commerce: ethical and transparent. All powered through a technology platform.

We believe that to transform how goods are designed and produced, full digitisation of supply chains is the only way forward, but that this alone will not be successful unless done in collaboration with suppliers and underpinned by strong supply chain relationships, made and maintained in person.

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We are a diverse, seasoned and passionate team across sourcing, supply chain, and technology.
  • Akta Adani

  • Vrnda Dalal

  • Steven Terry

  • Laura Giacomini

  • Nayeem Bin Noor

  • Rio Gupta

  • Sravani Katragadda